What happens when I delete a user account from the Network Settings - Users

When you delete a user account, the account is soft-deleted and the account enters a temporary state of suspension for a duration of 30 days.

During this 30-day grace period, all account information is retained in our database. However, the user account becomes virtually invisible within the UI – neither searchable by name nor email address.

Additionally, users are unable to interact with the account and the deleted user account cannot log in to the platform.
This 30-day window allows for a period of reconsideration and the user account can be reactivated during this time. 

Upon inviting a user using the same email address as the (soft) deleted account, the account will undergo reactivation. This process enables the user to regain login access, and interactions with other users can resume as before. It's important to note that this reactivation is applicable strictly during the initial 30-day grace period. Following this timeframe, a fresh invitation will be issued, necessitating the activation of a new account.

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