How to install the mobile app on your iPhone

To complete further steps you'll need a Speakap account. Click here for instructions to activate your account. 

This article explains how to send a 'download the app' link using your phone. If you need to send an invitation with the link from your computer, please follow this guide.

Please note: To download the app via the download link you will need to have an Apple ID and be logged in to your App Store account.

  1. Login to your network or via the Safari browser;
  2. Tap top left on Screen_Shot_2017-10-19_at_11.20.18.jpg to open the menu;
  3. Tap Download our app to download the application within the App store;
  4. Tap Go to the App Store;
  5. Tap on Redeem to redeem your code in order to download the app;
  6. Tap Open to open the app.
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