Who is online?

On the desktop version of Speakap you can easily see who is online in your network on the right side of the webpage. There are three different statuses a user can have:

  1. Online: the user has Speakap open and is using it actively, by using the mouse or keyboard. The user has a green dot next to their profile picture and a green computer next to their name Screen_Shot_2017-11-15_at_10.40.28.jpg
  2. Inactive: the user has a tab with Speakap in their web browser, however they’re currently on a different tab                                                                                                Screen_Shot_2017-11-15_at_10.37.19.jpg
  3. Offline: the user does not have Speakap openScreen_Shot_2017-11-15_at_10.38.36.jpg

Furthermore, in the user status you can also see if the user is on the mobile application or on the desktop version.

Mobile: Screen_Shot_2017-11-15_at_10.45.46.jpg  Desktop:Screen_Shot_2017-11-15_at_10.46.20.jpg

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