Configuring report abuse email

Simplify the reporting of content and users on Speakap's iOS and Android platforms. Previously, users reported concerns to Speakap Support, initiating a process where the support team would then address the reported content or users.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient approach, Speakap has revamped the reporting flow. Now, users can directly send reports to the network administrator, eliminating the need for intermediary steps. This improvement puts control in the hands of network administrators, allowing them to manage reports more effectively.

As part of this enhancement, Speakap introduces a new configuration setting located under Network Settings -> Preferences -> Report Abuse Email. Network administrators can now specify a dedicated report email address. All reported content and/or users will be seamlessly directed to the designated administrator, ensuring a prompt and targeted response.

Here are the two emails you will receive. 


1- Report user:

2- Report Content:

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