How to enable Speakap’s Awardco Integration

About the Integration

This integration will automatically show users recognitions from Awardco (both received and given) in a widget on the network timeline. It links to the employees' Awardco account automatically based on the user’s XID.

Pre Configuration 

In order to use the Awardco integration, there is a pre-configuration that needs to happen on User-Sync. How the integration was designed, the unique ID configured on the HR system to Speakap needs to be the same one used to integrate with Awardco. For Speakap, that unique ID is used as XID. 

If the XID and the employee unique id for Awardco are not the same, users will get someone’s else recognition.

Installation of the integration 

The first step for the installation of Awardco is opening the Speakap marketplace and selecting Awardco application:

After clicking on adding application, select the audience of your integration:

After confirming the audience, the application is now installed. However, there are still configurations that need to happen. 

In the list of applications installed, click on the engine icon to finish the installation:

Then, it will prompt the configuration screen requesting the Awardco API key and Awardco URL. 

Awardco admin has this information in their Awardco account. If the configuration is correct, then the recognitions for Speakap users will start being shown for all users.

How to fix Errors

Missing API key

For this case, please, insert the API key in the Awardco application configuration. 

Missing Awardco URL

XID not configured

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