Linking to a File with a URL

Need to refer back to a file shared on our platform in one of your updates? Now you can by just linking it in the Update text itself. Instead of having to attach the file once more, you can directly generate a link which when clicked on will redirect your readers to the file and its location on our service.

How to produce the link? 

The link is easy to create and needs to have the following structure:

The text in all capitals will need to be modified based on your network name, and the name of the file you want to link. 

Make sure to insert a ‘+’ instead of a space between words composing the file name.

The user that clicks on this link will be redirected to the files page, and will immediately see the file you want to refer to. 

From then onwards, they will be able to access the file as usual: to access the document, one just needs to click on it and it will automatically be downloaded to their device. It is important to note that it will not open by itself but you can now handily find it in your device’s most rescind downloads.

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