I am not receiving any push notifications.

If you are not receiving any push notifications on your phone, we ask you to check the following:

  1. Please ensure you have allowed Speakap to send push notifications during the app installation process. If you accidentally did not allow the Speakap app to send push notifications, you can change this in your phone settings. Sometimes, these settings can be inadvertently changed or restricted, affecting notification delivery.
  2. Check if push notifications might be disabled inside the app. You can check this by:
    a. Going to the app menu and tapping Settings;
    b. Tapping Notifications;
    c. Select the push notifications you would like to receive. 
    Sometimes, toggling these settings off and then back on can help refresh the notification system.
  3. Check whether you were actively using the Speakap app (Push notifications will only appear when you have closed your app) or had it open on your desktop at the time the notification was expected. In these cases, the push notification will not be offered.
  4. Speakap has a "Do Not Disturb" (DND) feature, which, when enabled, can prevent notifications from reaching you during specified times. Check whether DND is enabled within the Speakap app. If it is, notifications may be temporarily suppressed. Consider adjusting the DND settings if needed.
  5. Check if your device is in "Do Not Disturb" mode overall. If it is, this could be causing the issue.

Still, having trouble receiving push notifications? Please remove and re-install Speakap.

Specific Android information on setting notifications. 

1. 'Long press' on the app icon of Speakap.
2. Choose App info (or press '!').
3. Select Notifications.
4. Choose Notification Categories.

For each notification category, you can allow Notifications or toggle 'Show as pop-up'.
For example: Set these to be off for General notifications and on for Private messages. This way, you won't receive push notifications for updates/news but you will receive them for private messages (chat).

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