Managing users in your network

Managing users is a crucial aspect of a successful Speakap network. This article will tell you all you need to know about user management on Speakap.

User overview

The Users screen allows you to search for users, invite new users, edit or delete existing user accounts. 

  1. Click on your profile picture on the top right of your screen;
  2. Select Users located under Network settings.

Inviting users

New users can be invited to your network by clicking the + Invite button. 

Depending on your type of network, internal and external users can be added to the network from this screen.

Internal users typically are employees working for your organization.

If you regularly maintain contact with your relations, i.e. external suppliers, partners or customers, you may opt to invite them to your network as an external user.

They can be placed in groups, for instance, which allows you to communicate with them safely without allowing them access to your entire network. 

Users may be invited by following these steps:

  1. Select the type of user, internal or external;
  2. Specify the email addresses you would like to send an invitation to;
  3. For internal users, select the user role (default is Member);
  4. Optional: specify one or several groups to add the user to;
  5. Optional: write a personal message for the user;
  6. Click the Invite button to invite the user to your network.

Editing users

Certain fields may be edited for existing users. These fields include the member role, group memberships, and user type (internal or external user).

These fields may be edited by clicking the gear wheel to the right of a user. Click Edit to edit the user information.

Pending invitations

The Invitations tab contains an overview of all pending invitations. These invitations may be revoked or resent by clicking the gear wheel to the right of an email address.

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