Creating and managing printable invites

By default, an account on a Speakap network requires an email address. This email address is initially used for inviting the user to the platform and after registration, but afterwards for sending notification emails and will also be used when requesting a new password, in case the original password is lost.

If your organisation doesn't have access to the email addresses of your employees, or are not allowed to share then with Speakap for legal reasons, the printable invites flow might be a solution for you.

With the printable invites flow enabled, you will be able to create printable invitations for your employees that can be used to activate their accounts on Speakap. After activation, they will be able to use Speakap as any regular Speakap user is using our platform.

As enabling this flow results in some cases where our automated processes no longer apply, some extra administrative tasks will become available to networks who have this flow enabled.

Enabling the printable invites flow


By default, the printable invites flow is turned off. If you would like to turn this on for your network, you can do this from the Preferences section in the Network Settings.

  1. Go to Network Settings;
  2. Go to the Preferences section;
  3. Check the checkbox under Printable invites;
  4. Read the warning carefully and when you accept the risks, click on I understand.

Note: When enabling the Alternative Registration flow, you will add a security risk to the network because you will have to physically issue access codes for your employees. Please be aware of this risk before enabling this feature for your network.

Creating printable invitations


After enabling the printable invites option within your network, you can start inviting new users to your network. You can do this in the Invitations section in the Network Settings:

  1. Go to Network Settings;
  2. Go to the Invitations section;
  3. Click on the Printable invites tab;
  4. Click on the Invite button to start creating Printable invites for your network.

You will now be presented with the same screen you might be familiar with from invitation new users on their email addresses. The creation of printable invites works in exactly the same way, but instead of providing us with email addresses, you should only provide us with the name(s) of the users you wish to invite to the platform.

Users may be invited by following these steps:

  1. Select the type of user, internal or external;
  2. Specify the name(s) of the user(s) you would like to create an invitation for;
    1. If you add multiple users, you can separate individual users by a comma;
  3. For internal users, select the desired user role (default is Member);
  4. Optional: specify one or Business Units and Departments to add the user to;
  5. Optional: specify one or several groups to add the user to;
  6. Optional: write a personal message for the user;
  7. Click the Invite button to invite the user to your network.

Note: The personal message will be shown on the printable invitee that we generate for these users. If you want to explain your users what to do, please use this space for instructions. Please ask your Customer Success Manager to provide you with good examples.

Managing printable invitations

Once they have been created, you will need to distribute the invites amongst your employees. To do so, we've added a couple of features to the invites overview that should allow you manage this process from a central location, or delegate this to individual (store) managers or teamleaders.

Manage individual invitations


For individual invitations, we offer a couple of options. To get to these options, you will need to find the specific invitation and open it's options:

  1. Go to Network Settings;
  2. Go to the Invitations section;
  3. Click on the Printable invites tab;
  4. Hover over the invitation you wish to download;
  5. Click on the options (...) icon.

You will now see four different options.

Download invitation

You can download an individual invitation to distribute to your employees. This invitation will contain all the information this employee will need to activate his/her Speakap account.

Regenerate password

It might happen that a printed invitation gets lost during the distribution process. To prevent this invitation from being used by anyone outside of your organisation, you can regenerate the password for an individual user. After regenrating the original password is invalidated. You would have to download the invitation again and provide it to your employee.

Show details

You can look up the details of an individual invitee to see, for example, which groups the employee will be added to upon activating his/her account.

Delete invitation

If an invitation is no longer valid, you can delete it.

Bulk actions


In some cases you would like to perform the same action for multiple invitations. For these cases, we support bulk actions, which can quickly be applied to a selection of invitations. You can access these bulk actions by selecting multiple invites from the list:

  1. Go to Network Settings;
  2. Go to the Invitations section;
  3. Click on the Printable invites tab;
  4. Select all the invites you want to perform the bulk action on;
    1. You can either manually select individual invites, or;
    2. You can select all the visible invites by using the select all option from the table header
  5. The available bulk actions will show in the table header

Note: Due to technical limitations, it is currently not advisable to apply these bulk actions to groups larger than 100 users at once.

Managing invitees in the Business Unit and Local Department

Manually managing and distributing your printable invitees within your organisation might not always be feasible. This is why all the features mentioned above are also available from the Business Unit and Department admin settings.

Administrators of your Business Units and Departments are able to manage all users who have been invited to their Business Unit or Local Department. This excludes the option to delete these invitations, since they might also have invitations for other Business Units and/or Departments.

Resetting a password

Normally, when a user loses her password, that user can request a password reset email that enables her to set a new password for her Speakap account. Since we don't have an email address for users who activated their accounts through this flow, we have make it possible to regenerate a password for these users.

To reset a password, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Network Settings;
  2. Go to the Users section;
  3. Search for the user who's password you want to reset;
  4. Go to that user's settings;
  5. Click on the Reset password tab;
  6. Click on the Generate a new password button;
  7. Confirm that you want to reset this user's password;
  8. You can download a password reset letter for this user.

You can distribute the password reset letter to the user who can then login to her account again with a temporary password. After loggin in, the user will be prompted to set a new password to her account.

Note: All password reset actions are logged to prevent abuse of this feature

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