Enabling Google Translate in your network

If your company spans over multiple countries, or perhaps a single bilingual country, not every message posted on it will be in the same language. To ensure your employees will be able to understand each other, we offer the option to enable Google Translate within your network to translate this content when required.

Enabling Google Translate

Enabling this feature in your network is really easy. Just follow these 4 steps and you will have it up and running in seconds!


  1. Go to your Network Settings
  2. Go to the Preferences section
  3. Check the “Enable Google Translate” checkbox
  4. Confirm and enable the Google Translate feature

That’s all! When browsing your network, your employees will now see the option to translate individual messages. These messages will be translated into the preferred language that can be set in a user's profile.

Note: To enable Google Translate within your network please contact your CSM first. This feature requires an additional subscription.

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