Activity control on Speakap

In some cases, due to legislation or policies, having an activity record for your employees is desirable. For those cases we offer the option to turn on activity recording for your network.

Enabling Activity recording

You can enable Activity recording for your network from the Preferences section in the Network settings. Once enabled, Speakap will start tracking and exposing session information for individual users. This information will become available to admins or other users with admin priveleges given in their Speakp role.

By default we don’t track sessions for individual users, so only upon enabling this feature within your network we will start tracking these sessions. Therefore, we can’t provide you with any session information from earlier moments. You will start seeing sessions appear for individual users starting the next calendar day.

You can disable Activity recording at any moment, which will stop recording and exposing any (new) individual sessions.

Accessing the activity record

Once enabled, you will be able to find an individual user’s activity record on his personal information dialog that can be accessed through the Users section in the Network settings.

By default, we will show an overview of all the days on which the selected user has had any activity on the Speakap platform over the past two weeks.

For each day will will show the following information:

  • Date on which the user was active on the platform
  • Total duration of all sessions on that day

For each individual day you will be able to open an overview with all sessions for that specific day by clicking on it. We will show the following information per session:

  • Device type on which the session was made (Mobile or Web)
  • Start time of the session
  • End time of the session
  • Total duration of the session

All sessions are shown in the time zone of the user. If this is not the same time zone that you as administrator are currently in, this will be indicated for each individual session.

If needed, you can export the activity record of an individual user from this overview in CSV format from the overflow (three dots) menu.

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