GIF support on Speakap

They say a picture says more than a thousand words, right? So imagine how well you can express yourself with a GIF! This is why Speakap supports playable GIFs for your updates and comments. 

Adding a GIF

Adding a GIF is quite simple:

  • Go to your favorite GIF website
    We support most common GIF sharing websites like Giphy, Tenor or GFYcat
  • Find a GIF you like
    We’re not judging, but cats always do well on the internet...
  • Copy the link to the GIF
    Most common websites offer a share option that allows you to copy the URL
  • Past the link in your update or comment
    You will see that we add the GIF to your message automatically
  • Submit and enjoy!
    See how those likes are pouring in? Must be your GIF! 

Supported message types

You can add a GIF to the following message types:

  • Updates
  • Comments (to updates, news, polls, and events)

Supported devices

Adding and showing GIFs (via GIF sharing websites URL's) is supported on every platform.

Known limitations

There are some limitations to GIF support on Speakap:

  • It’s not possible to upload GIF files
  • We only support GIF files from websites that are listed here
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