Acknowledge news items

Sometimes you might need to use Speakap to announce official messages like policy changes or other messages with legal implications. In those cases, you might need your employees to confirm that they have read, understood and acknowledge that message.

To make this possible, we allow the author of a news item to indicate that its recipients have to acknowledge that news item.

Making a news item acknowledgeable

When composing a news item, you will see the option to make it acknowledgeable within the composer itself.





This option is disabled by default, so you will need to check the corresponding checkbox to enable it for those news items that you want it’s recipients to acknowledge.

Acknowledging news items

Once the author of a news item has indicated that the news item should be acknowledged, all its recipients will see an indication that this news item needs to be acknowledged.

Upon opening the news item, the recipient will see an acknowledgment button at the bottom of the news item with which the recipient can acknowledge having read its content. To prevent accidental clicks, we ask the recipient to confirm the action, before submitting the acknowledgement.





Once acknowledged, there is no way for the recipient to retract that acknowledgement. This is because there might be legal complications to retracting the acknowledgement.

Seeing acknowledgements

For the author and the administrators of its recipients, it’s possible to see who acknowledged the news item and those who didn’t. This overview is accessible through the “Acknowledged by“ hyperlink in the news item’s details.





Within this dialog you can search for a specific recipient and see its acknowledgment status.

To be able to use this information outside of the Speakap platform, those who are able to see the acknowledgement information can also export this as a CSV file through the options menu on the web platform.


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