Adding Speakap Events to your Calendar

Events can be created in Speakap. You can add these events to your calendar in Outlook. You need a special URL to link Speakap and Outlook. You can find this URL by clicking on the wheel icon in the red bar in the web version of Speakap. Within “My Settings” click on “General”. Then go to the “Events” option.


Under the option “Export” you will find your unique URL. Copy this URL and add it to your Calendar.

Addin to your Calendar

  • Open your mail and click on the calendar icon to open your calendar
  • Click "Manage Calendars", then "Open Calendar" and finally "From the Internet"
  • Enter the URL from Speakap here. Then click on "OK"; your Speakap events have been added
    For more information please check the following Microsoft article:  support article.

  • Open your Google Calendar. click on the + icon and then on "Subscribe to calendar"
  • Add the URL from Speakap and click "Add Calendar"
    Your Speakap events are now also visible in your Google Calendar.
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