To receive notifications, you first need to use the right settings on your phone, desktop/laptop and in your Speakap account settings. 

Type of notifications
Within Speakap there are three different kind of notifications: 
1. Push notifications on your smartphone 
2. Desktop notifications within your internetbrowser on your desktop/laptop
3. E-mail notifications within your e-mail account 

Within Speakap you will also receive alerts. These alerts you will always receive, no matter what kind of settings you choose for your notifications. Alerts are numbers that you will see on your application. See below some examples of how these alerts will look:

Screenshot_2020-11-27_at_10.23.29.png Screenshot_2020-11-27_at_10.23.37.png Screenshot_2020-11-27_at_10.24.00.png

Set Notifications: 

In your own settings you can always specify your preferences about receiving notifications. 
Within Speakap you can turn the notifications on or off for the following things:

- New updates on profile page 
- New updates on my network timeline 
- New updates in business units
- New updates in departments 
- New updates in groups 
- New comments on one of the updates placed by me 
- New comments on one of the updates I commented on 
- New private message
- Somebody tagged/named me in something 
- New newsitem within the network
- New group invitation
- Approval or rejection of a group invitation
- I'm added to, or deleted from a group
- Somebody wants to be a member of a group which I manage 
- New poll or changes to a poll I follow
- Invitation for an event or changes to one of my events 

Do not disturb feature 

When you've enabled the Do not disturb feature, you will receive no notifications at all. 
Attention: all notifications during the Do not disturb period will not be sent, also not on a later moment. 

Turning notifications on- or off for specific updates or news items

Besides the notifications discussed above, you can also turn on or off notification for specific updates or news items. This function could be useful when you want to follow or not follow other comments on this message.



Turning notifications on- or off for specific groups. 
Within Speakap you have the possibility to turning notifications on- or off for specific groups. 
You can do this by navigating to the group and clicking on the little gear on the right side of the page. Be aware that you will receive no notifications at all from this group when you turn the notifications off. 


Device specific information 

Besides our notifications settings, it's also important to check the settings one your devices.

Set iPhone notifications:
Set Android notifications:
Set Chrome notifications:
Set Firefox notifications:,Altijd%20vragen%2C%20Toestaan%20of%20Blokkeren.

Do you still have problems after you have corrected the settings of your device? First try a reinstallation of your Speakap application. We will then be happy to help you out if problems continue!

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