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If you have an aftermovie of your annual partner event, a new commercial that it going to air soon or a video-message from the CEO you want to share this with as many of your colleagues as you can. So what better way than to share this video via a news item on Speakap? We got you covered!

Adding a video to your news item

Details on adding video on Dekstop

Details on adding video on iOS

For now we don’t support this feature from our Android client yet.

Supported video files

You can find an overview of the supported video formats here.

Next to this, we’ve currently limited the file-size for video files to 2GB. If your video is larger than this, you can think about using a video service such as VIMEO or YouTube.

Publishing your news item

Once you’re ready to publish your news item, we need to make sure that all the recipients of your news item will be able to view your video, and generate some lower quality versions for those who are watching your video on the go and need to keep an eye on their data bundle.

So once you hit the Publish button, we will start a process called transcoding. This means that we will take your video and convert it to a format that is supported by all our clients. Next to this, we will generate multiple versions of the file, to make sure we can show a lower quality to a user who is watching it on his mobile phone.

During this transcoding process, we will keep your news item in an in-between state. You can simply continue with your day, and we will send you an update once the transcoding process is completed. At that point we will also publish your news item for you. The recipients of your news item will also receive the regular new news item notification at that point.

Editing your news item

It's still possible to edit a news item, regardless of having a video file attached to it. However, the video itself cannot be edited. if you'd like to edit your video, please remove the video and add the edited video.

If you need to update the title or text of your news item, you can simply open the news editor on both Web and iOS and apply your changes.

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