Pinning updates and news items at the top of your timeline

There might be a time when something important has happened - or is about to happen - that you want all your employees to be aware of. It might be a technical failure in one of your critical operational systems, a warning about pick-pockets in your stores, or even a video message of the CEO. Or maybe you want to take the pulse of the business fast. 

For these cases, we offer the option to pin an update, a news item, or a poll at the top of the network timeline. 

You can also pin those in Business Units’, Local, Global Departments' and Regular Groups. Even though there is a limitation of one pinned post per timeline, all pinned posts in each (organizational) group's timeline are gathered together and shown in a carousel on the network timeline.

The number of dots below the pinned posts indicates the total number of pinned items. You can see all the posts by scrolling horizontally. This way, every time a user opens the network timeline, on their phone or computer, the first messages they see are the pinned ones.


Pinning a post

Pinning a post is quite simple, just make sure that you have been given permission to do so First, find the message you’re looking for and click the options. You will find the “Pin update”/”Pin news item” option here.



Please note that you can pin the following posts:  

  • Updates 
  • News items 
  • Polls


You can unpin a post directly from the carousel. Click on the three dots in the carousel’s grey banner and select the “Unpin” option. You can also unpin a post from its detail view, by clicking on the three dots.

Unpinning automatically

You can schedule when a message is pinned, getting a date and time for it to be automatically unpinned. To do so select a date and a time from the date picker when you first pin  your update.





If you don’t set any date or time, your message will be pinned at the top of the timeline until someone pins another message or manually unpins your message.

If you want to set a date and time after initially pinning your update, you can do so by changing the configuration of your pinned message.

Replacing a pinned update

You can replace a message already pinned to your network or any other (organizational) group timeline with a new one. After replacing, a notification will be sent to the user who pinned the first message at the top of the timeline, to inform them about this action.


We understand that you might not want all your employees to be able to pin an update to your network’s timeline, so we’ve added permissions for pinning updates to help you control which users can and cannot pin updates. 

Here is how to assign permission to a role:

  1. Go to Network Settings;
  2. Go to the Roles section;
  3. Open the role you would like to assign permission to;
  4. From the Timeline tab, check the "Pin updates to the top of the network timeline" permission.


Please note:
- Network administrators will have this permission by default and when the update/news item or poll has been posted in an (organizational) group, the network admin needs to be a member of that group.
- The permission to pin is turned off by default for all other users and roles already created in your network.

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