Allow Speakap to publish and manage your Android White-Label App | Brief Walkthrough

Please note: If you have an existing Google developers account, please watch from 2:36min


Following the below steps will grant Speakap the ability to publish your white-label app quickly and securely. This will ensure that your organization is always using the latest version of the application. Following this guide will take about 30 minutes.

This guide assumes some technical knowledge of the process and has been summarized to highlight key requirements. Alternatively, the full non-technical walkthrough is available here: Full Walkthrough


  1. Create a Google Gmail Account for your organization
  2. Upgrade the Google Gmail Account to a Google Developer Account
    • Navigate here and log in with the created Gmail account:
    • Follow the process of registering for a Google Developer Account
    • Requires a $25.00 payment to upgrade account
    • On the Complete Account Details page, please set the Secondary contact email address to to ensure Speakap is notified by Google of any updates to your app

  3. Create a Google Developer Project and Application 
    • Navigate here and log in with the same account:
      • Special Note: Google has recently begun beta testing a new interface for their Google Play Console. 

    • Create an application via the Create app button
      - App name (this can be changed later)
      - Default language
      - Choose App 
      - Choose Free
      - mark developer program policies
      - mark US export laws
    • Navigate to: All Applications > Settings > Developer account > API Access
    • Create a new project via the Create New Project button
    • From Settings - Developer account - API access click the Create Service Account button
    • In the overlaid window, DO NOT hit Done, but click the Google Cloud Platform hyperlink as noted in Step 1 of the overlaid window
      • Leave this window open, as we will be returning to this window later to press the Done button in Step 5 of this walkthrough

  4. Create a Service Account, JSON key, and provide Speakap publishing access
    • The last action of the previous step will have opened the following link:
    • Ensure you are logged in with the same account
    • From Service Accounts page create a service account via the +Create Service Account button
      • Set the Service Account name to speakap-automation and click on Create
    • Assign Service account permissions & create JSON key by following the below steps:
      • Click the Select a role box
      • Select Service Accounts - Service Account User from the left-hand list and click Continue & Done
      • Click on the kebab dots under Actions and Select Manage keys
      • Click Add Key and Select Create new key
      • Create private key with key type JSON and click CREATE
      • Once a JSON key has been created, it will be downloaded to your computer
      • Send an email to your Speakap Customer Success Manager with this JSON key attached
  5. Grant Speakap the necessary access to the Google Developer Account
    • Navigate back to the Goole Play Console ( and click DONE
    • From the Settings - Developer account - API Access page scroll to the Service Accounts section and click the Grant Access button next to the previously created Service Account
      • Set the App access to Admin and click on Invite user and Send Invite
    • We need one more user:   
      • Click on the Invite users button 
        • Set Email to “”,
        • Click on button Add app in App permissions and select the appropriate app and apply admin permissions.
        • Click on Account permissions and Set the App access to Admin and click on Invite user and Send Invite

  6. Checklist
    • Ensure you have emailed the JSON Key to your Speakap Customer Success Manager
    • Confirm three entries exist on the Users & permissions page
      1. (Will appear under Pending Invitations until Speakap accepts the invitation)
      2. speakap-automation… (The previously created Service Account)
      3. Your developer email
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