Allow Speakap to publish and manage your Android White-Label App | Full Walkthrough

Please note: If you have an existing Google developers account, please watch from 2:36min


Following the below steps will grant Speakap the ability to publish your white-label app quickly and securely. This will ensure that your organization is always using the latest version of the application. Following this guide will take about 30 minutes and can be completed by any non-technical member of your organization. Note that some steps involve sensitive information.

If you are technically familiar with the process, you may follow our brief guide: Brief Walkthrough


1) Create a Google Gmail Account for your organization

Click here to create a Google Gmail Account

This is just a regular Google Gmail Account that you can tailor to your organization’s preference. We will publish your Speakap Android White-Label App under this account

2) Upgrade your Google Gmail Account to a Google Developer Account

1. Click here to enter to upgrade your Google Gmail account. 

2. Login with the Google Account you previously created which should take you to the below page

3. Add the desired Public developer name, and add to the Secondary contact email address and your phone number. Read and agree to the Developer Agreement and Terms of Service and click on Create an account and pay. 
4. Complete the Purchase details to upgrade your account to a Google Developer Account then click the Buy button
This is a $25.00 fee for a registered developer account which is necessary to publish your app
5. Now Click on the button Go to Play Console

3) Create a Google Developer Project, Application, Service account & JSON Key

1. Create your app by clicking on the blue button Create app

2. Fill out the App details:


note: The app name can be changed by Speakap if you are unsure about the final app name yet. 

3. scroll down and checkmark both Developer Program Policies & US export laws and click on Create app

4. Click on All Apps on the top left


5. Click on Settings - Developer account - API Access from the left-hand menu and select Create new Project and click on the button Link Project
6. Scroll the page down to Service accounts and click on the button Create new service account


7. DO NOT click on Done, click on the link Google Cloud Platform

Please note: In Chapter 4 you will go back to the above screen and click Done

8. By clicking on the Google Cloud Platform link, you will be navigated to the Google Cloud Platform, where you can create the Service account. Click on + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT


9. Fill out the Service account name to speakap-automation and click CREATE

10. Select the role Service Accounts - Service Account User from the Role dropdown and click CONTINUE & DONE


11. Click on the kebab dots under Actions and select Manage keys

12. Click on Add Key and select Create new key

13. Select Key type JSON and click CREATE
14. The JSON key will be downloaded to your computer. Please email this file to your Customer Success Manager.


Almost finished!! 🎉

4) Grant Access and invite users

You will navigate back to the below screen - see step 7 in the walkthrough - Click on the previous tab of your browser. Click on DONE

1. Scroll down to Service accounts and click on Grant access

2. Check mark Admin in App access and click on Invite user and Send invite 

Note: We recommend giving us Admin permissions. However, if you need to maximize security by giving us more fine-grained permissions, please refer to our guide:
Give Speakap restricted permissions for your Google Play Developer account


3. We need one more user. Click on the Invite users button 



4. Set Email to “
5. Scroll down and click on button Add app in App permissions and select the appropriate app and click on Apply

6. Select the permissions - and mark App access Admin and click Apply

    • Click on Account permissions and Set the App access to Admin and click on Invite user and Send Invite


5) Checklist 

1. Check that you sent the downloaded JSON file via email to your Speakap Customer Success Manager

2. Click here:

3. Login with the same Google Account

4. You should see three entries under the Users and permissions section




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