Updated Measurement Engagement in Compass Premium

What’s new?

Measuring engagement is part of Compass Premium. Through different widgets you are able to see data on how engaged your users are on your platform. Up until September 1st 2021, Engagement on Speakap was measured with a focus on every user.
However, this did not reflect the actual engagement levels our customers wanted to see. We have therefore adapted the way that Speakap measures engagement to ensure that we produce engagement data in a meaningful way.
As of September 1st 2021, content is central to the way that Engagement is measured on Speakap. This means that when content is posted in a specific Group, Business Unit or Local Department, Engagement is measured in that group.
For example:
User A & User B & User C are part of Group ‘Stores EU’. When User A likes an update in the Group, the engagement levels for the group ‘Stores EU’ are measured at 33% because ⅓ of the users in that Group have engaged with the content. 

When is it implemented?
This new way of measuring engagement levels on the platform was implemented on September 1st 2021 and released on October 1st 2021. This means that data up until September 1st reflects the ‘old’ way of measuring engagement, and data starting September 1st shows the ‘new’ way of measuring engagement. 

Important to note: if you select a timeframe within Compass Premium that falls both before September 1st and after September 1st, the data will show both measurements.


Why this change?
Measuring engagement can be done in several ways. By putting the content central stage, we are measuring how content is performing and how your employees are engaging with that content. 

Our customers have shared that measuring the performance of posted content reflects better what engagement means to you. At Speakap, we want to ensure that our product fits our customers’ needs. By changing the approach for measuring Engagement on Speakap, we believe that it better reflects the engagement data our customers need to see. 


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