Setting up

Before we start jumping into code, you’ll need access to Speakap and an API key for your application.

1. Acquire network access

First you will need to have access to a Speakap network in order to test your connection. If you don’t have access to a Speakap network, please register for a free account by clicking the link below.

Start new network »

2. Register as a developer

When you register as a developer, we will make the Speakap Market tab available in your network settings.

Register as a developer »

3. Download the tutorial project

We’ve created a demo project for you to start with. This project includes the basics for making a connection. Make sure the demo project is running on a live webserver.

Download project »

4. Install your App in the Speakap App market

In your network’s Speakap Market settings tab, you will be able to install the app by providing the URL of the app’s manifest.json file.


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