Speakap User Sync

A big part of a successful Speakap implementation within your company will be the user management. For smaller companies, managing its employees within Speakap manually might be feasible, but for larger companies, doing this manually might not be an option.

To automate this process, Speakap offers the User Sync application. This application will invite your employees to the right business unit and department within Speakap, move them to others when they move within your company and automatically remove them from the network once they are no longer in your service.

How it works

The User Sync app is a small application that takes information from your HR-tool and translates that information into invitations, mutations and deletions on your Speakap network. To do this, the application requires two things:

  • Employee record; An overview of all your employees and how their position within your company
  • Mapping; A mapping of the structure of your company and how that maps to your Speakap network

Below you can find a schematic overview of the flow of the User Sync application.

In the rest of this document, we’ll explain the different requirements for implementing the User Sync application in your network.


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