Employee record

Employee record

To be able to automatically manage your employees within Speakap, we will need to have access to your employee records. Speakap will use the information in this employee record to invite, remove and manage your employees within Speakap.

Structuring your employee record

To successfully add a user, there are several required fields your employee record should contain. Use the table below to see which information your employee record should contain.

Required for inviting and deleting employees
Employee ID We will use this to identify individual users in your employee and match them to users in Speakap.
Must be unique
Email address Each Speakap account is attached to an email address. Your employee will receive his invitation and notification e-mails on this address.
Must be unique
Required for managing employees within the network
Location(s) Used to place the user in the proper business unit group(s) within Speakap.
Department(s) Used to place the user within the proper department group(s) within Speakap.
Optional fields
Name Used to pre fill the name of the employee. Preferably separated into:
  • First name
  • Infix
  • Last name
Job title Used to pre fill the job title field in your employee’s profile. Can also be used to determine a user’s role within the network.
Phone number Used to pre fill the phone number field in your employee’s profile

The employee record can be delivered in multiple file formats, ranging from .xls to .csv files.

Download: Example employee record CSV / Example employee record XLS

Accessing your employee record

To be able to successfully manage your employees on Speakap, we will need to have access to your employee record. To do so, we have two standard solutions:

Real-time connection

Some HR tools offer a real-time connection/connector, which allows third party software developers like Speakap to request a copy of your employee record. An example of an HR tool that supports such a real-time connections is AFAS, which offers their Get Connector.

If your HR tool supports such a connector we require the following deliverables.

Who What
You Login credentials for your HR tool/connector

SFTP connection

If your HR-tool does not support real-time connections, we offer a SFTP server where your can upload your employee record.

To be able to create an account on our SFTP server, we will need to know the IP address(es) from which you will be uploading your employee record. As an extra layer of security, we will only allow connections to your account from those specific IP addresses.

Who What
You IP address(es) from where the SFTP connection will be made
Speakap Login credentials for your SFTP account
You Upload employee record to SFTP server

Your solution?

If both of the standard solutions are not an option for your organisation, we will need to look into alternative solutions. Do note that an alternative solution might have a big impact on the standard timelines.


Once we have access to your employee record, we will need to agree upon a frequency on which we will process it. Our preference is to do this on a daily base, but if you want to do this more or less often, let us know and we’ll adjust the User Sync application accordingly.

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