Once we have all the information from your employee record, we need to know what to do with this information. We need to know which users to add to which groups and which rights they should have within your network. To do this, we use two mappings:

Group mapping

To be able to add the right person to the right groups within your network, we will create a so called mapping file that maps the information from your employee record to the groups within your Speakap network.

This way, we will ensure that every user within your network has access to relevant content for his position within your company.

Role mapping

It’s also possible to apply your company’s hierarchy to Speakap. To do so, we can create roles on multiple levels (Network, Location and Department) and assign them to the correct employees. This way, for example, the manager of a store can address all his employees with a news item.


It could be possible that you require some exceptions on the general mapping rules to, for example, add users to multiple groups based on their role within your company.

Let us know about these exceptions and we’ll make sure to include them in our mapping.

We can’t do it alone!

Since you know more about the structure of your own company than us, we require your help when making the mapping. Speakap will start this process by making a first version of the mapping based on your employee record and the structure of your network.

Once the first version of this mapping has been completed, we will share this version with you so that you can check it and correct us where we were wrong.

This process will repeat itself a couple of times until we have a final version of the mapping, which we will use in the implementation of the User Sync application.

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