Whitelabel Guidelines

This section explains what a whitelabeled app exactly is and what needs to be done, in order to deploy your whitelabel apps to the App Store and Google Play Store.


What is a whitelabeled app?

A white labeled app is an app which is published to the App Store and Google Play Store under your own company name and branding. These white labeled apps can be customised to match your company’s brand and colours. This way your Speakap network is instantly recognisable for your employees.

How to build a white labeled app?

To build your own white label app, you will need to supply us with the following information:

  1. Design and assets

    The most important part of getting a white labeled App to the app stores is making a design and delivering the assets. Sounds complicated, but don’t worry, just follow our iOS and Android assets and you should be set!

  2. App store information

    We require the following information and assets for adding your app to the App Store and Google Play Store:

    App name
    The name that will be used for your app in both app stores and on your employee’s phone.

    App description
    The description for your app that will be shown on the app’s page in both app stores.

    Store images
    The images that will be shown on the app’s page in both app stores.

  3. Platform white labeling

    Next to the white label apps, it’s also possible to white label the Speakap platform itself. This is not required, but if you supply us with the following information, we can apply them to our platform.

    Email sender
    Emails sent out by Speakap are all send under Speakap’s name. You can customize this by supplying us with a custom name, for example the name of your company or the application.

    Email signature
    Emails sent out by Speakap all contain a customizable footer. By default, this footer is set to:


    You’re able to change this and put your own email signature here. Please note that this can only be plain text and can’t contain any formatting and hyperlinks.

  4. Timelines

    The following timelines apply to the creation of your white labeled applications:

    Week 1 – Supply white label app assets
    You provide us with the assets for the iOS and Android version of your white labeled application.

    Week 2 – Create white label app
    We will create your white label app with the assets you supplied us.

    Week 4 – Submit to store
    We will submit both apps to the App Store and Google Play Store. Since the review process at Apple might take up to two weeks, we take two weeks for this step. If the app gets approved by Apple, we will immediately make it available for your users.

    Note that Apple changes its App Store rules regularly. We try to be on top of these changes, but sometimes they might reject the app. We will immediately work to fix this, but this means that this step might take longer.

    Week 6 – Live
    Your apps will be available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. We will make sure the links within the Speakap platform point to the correct applications.

    Ongoing – Updating the apps
    Speakap regularly updates and improves its mobile applications. When we release a new version of our own application, your branded app will be updated as well! If you require a change in your app, we will use this moment to update the app with the new assets.

    Note that even though we try to keep the same pace between mobile platforms and their releases, iOS and Android applications might not be available to your users at the same time.

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