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Speakap’s Journeys is a versatile tool designed to cater to your individual company needs. It helps you increase your employee engagement and retention by allowing you to create better and automated onboarding, training and change management. 

You can create personalized multi-step journeys and distribute specifically tailored content to your group, region or departments. Set enrollment conditions to automatically target the right audience. End users get notified about journeys they need to complete via push notifications or email. 

Managing and tracking your journeys after launch is also easy. Once your journey is launched you can track participant progress in the journey admin panel. As needed you can also edit your journey anytime.

Finding Journeys in Speakap

Whether you are an admin user looking to create and manage your journeys or a participant looking to find journeys assigned to you. You would navigate to the journey homepage via the menu bar on the left on desktop and via the bottom menu on mobile.

Creating a Journey


Journeys are only able to be created, launched and edited on desktop. Only network administrators, group admins, and users who received permission from admins are able to create and manage journeys. 

To create your first journey you would go through the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have selected the Journeys (admin panel) in the menu bar
  2. Press the big “+ New Journey” Button 
  3. Here you will be given the option to create “by myself” or “With AI”

If you selected “With AI” you will be shown a prompt screen here you will need to choose:

  1. Type of Journey
  2. Who it is for
  3. What kind of organization
  4. Number of steps
  5. Language 

Once you press create journey you will be redirected to a draft version of the journey. Here you will need to wait 2 - 5 minutes before the content is generated. AI can take some time, so please be patient and refresh the page after a few minutes. 

Please note if you chose to create with AI, we highly recommend that you proofread the content. Also note that the journey will be in draft status so you will still need to choose an audience and launch this journey yourself. 

If you selected “by myself” you will now be in the journey creation page where you can start by choosing the following things: 

  1. Select a cover photo
  2. Select a journey color
  3. Give your Journey a title

You can then go on to choose your audience and create some steps.

Choose your Audience

There are three drop-downs to choose from when selecting the target audience for your journey. 

The first drop down lets you select the time of enrolment:

  1. New members: If you select this users will be enrolled from the moment they are added or join the selected target group(s)
  2. Existing members: If you choose this you will only enroll members who are already part of the selected target group(s) meaning no one who joins after the journey launch moment. 
  3. New & existing members: If you select this both of the above member types will be enrolled in the selected target group(s) 

The second drop-down will take you to an audience picker much like in other parts of the Speakap platform. You will have the ability to choose your entire network, department(s) and/or group(s). 

The third drop-down gives you two options:

  1. Internal users only: This option will exclude any external users who might be part of the selected group(s) or department(s) 
  2. Internal & external users: This will invite everyone both internal and external from any of the selected group(s) or department(s) 

Adding a step/steps

In the journey creation page press the “+ add step” button. This will lead you to the page where you can create your first step.

Here you can add a step title and any step content that you like. Step content could include images, videos, file attachments and text.

Once you are happy with your first step you can press the back button in the right-hand corner (just next to the step title) and create your next step.

Please ensure you have added content and titles to each step as you won’t be able to launch without doing so.

Launching your Journey

Once you have added all the steps to your journey and you are happy with what you have created, you are ready to launch!

You can launch your journey by pressing the big button in the top right hand corner.
Please note that it may take a few minutes before the journey is processed depending on the amount of images and videos included in your journey. 


Now that you have launched your journey, navigate back to the Journeys (admin panel) and track journey progress.

Here if you hover over the progress bar of the individual journey you will be able to see:

  • Total Enrolments
  • Completed
  • In Progress
  • Not Started

From now you can access a more in-depth breakdown of the progress of your journey with the analytics feature by clicking on the progress bar. From there, a window will open where you will see everyone’s individual progress for that Journey across the four dedicated sections mentioned above. In more detail: you will see the names of the people enrolled, names of the people who have completed the journey, who are still in progress and who haven't started yet.

You are also able to download the data as a CSV file, so that you can analyze and organize the journey data in your own time and for internal purposes. With the CSV file you can also see things at an even more granular level such as which user has finished which steps. 

You can easily download this by clicking on the export file icon in the top right of the Analytics window.

Note: If you have enrolled many users in your Journey, keep in mind the CSV has a limit of 20.000 users per download. 

Previewing a journey/launching a journey to yourself

Some of you may want to preview the journey before launching to your target audience. Currently we do not have a preview button per se but if you would like to do this. You can create a new group where you are the only participant and then launch it to yourself first.

If happy with the journey, you can then go back and edit the target audience to include everyone necessary.


When in the journeys (admin panel), there are a few filters available in the journey menu bar.

You can filter by:

  • Created by anyone: this filter will show you journeys created by anyone else in your network
  • Created by me: this filter will show you only journeys that you created 


  • Draft: This filter will show you any journeys still in draft state
  • Active: This filter will show you all journeys currently launched and active
Editing a Launched Journey

Any journeys that you have launched are able to be edited. Most of the edits made are applied in almost real time.

You can edit by clicking on a previously launched journey. In terms of editing you have the ability to:

  • Change the journey title, banner image and colour 
  • Change the audience 
  • Change the step order 
  • Change step content 
  • Add a new step
  • Delete any step

Changes to participant progress will only be affected if a step is added or removed. So if you make changes to step content the progress for the end user will not be reset. If you are making a lot of changes to content we suggest that you remove the existing step and add a new one. 

We also suggest that you make any content changes first and audience changes last as this will ensure the best possible experience for the participants. 


Network administrators, group administrators, and users who received permission have the option to create, launch, and edit journeys. This can only be done on a desktop.

If there is a requirement to enable other non-admin users to create, launch and edit journeys this can be done by clicking your avatar and navigating to Speakap’s network settings. Only network administrators are able to do this. Click on the role you would like to change the permissions for and navigate to ‘Journeys’. Here you can nominate a user to have network permissions associated with creating, launching and editing journeys.

Group admins also now automatically have the ability to create journeys, with the limitation that in the Select Recipients window they will only be able select the group(s) or people in the group(s) they are admins of.  Administrators automatically have this ability. 

Completing a Journey Assigned to you as a participant

You will be notified via a push notification, email and in your alert center if a journey has been assigned to you.
You may also see a journey banner in your timeline view.

You can navigate to the journey assigned to you either via the link in the email, push notification, alert center message, journey banner or using the menu (left-hand menu on web and hamburger menu on mobile).

Press the journey and follow the steps. Ensure you read all the content and mark each step complete.

If you can’t complete your journey in one go, you can always leave and come back using the left-hand menu (on web) or hamburger menu on mobile to navigate back to journeys.

You can also see your journey progress here.

Once you have completed your journey you should see a completion pop-up appear.

Filtering and journey homepage as a participant

Previously completed journeys will always stay in your journey homepage so that you can revisit the content at any time that you need. 

To do this you will need to use the filter option:

  • Incomplete: here you can see any journeys assigned to you that you have not completed yet.
  • Completed: here you can see any old journeys that you have already completed.
Notification Settings

To change your notification settings on mobile you need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the settings by going to the menu using the hamburger button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen
  2. Then you will need to press the button in the top right hand corner
  3. Here you will see a list of options, press notifications
  4. Go to push notifications and select journeys to enable/disable journey notifications
  5. Or go to email and select Journeys to enable/disable journey emails 

To change your notification settings on desktop you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on your avatar in the top right hand corner 
  2. Select personal settings
  3. Then select notifications
  4. In the notification tab you can enable/disable desktop notifications for journeys assigned to you 
  5. In the email tab you can enable/disable emails notifying you of journeys assigned to you
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