Formatting options in Updates

You can now format your timeline updates! Leverage this tool to enhance the clarity and impact of your message, ensuring that your updates capture the attention of your audience.

Where do I find this feature?

Every time you compose a new update, you will find the formatting options when clicking the 'A' button:


All these options can be combined with each other.

:warning: Formatting updates are only available from the Web version (for now :wink:). But don’t worry! The format is visible on all platforms.



What formatting options are available?

  1. Emphasize with Bold Text:

2. Add Style with Italic Text:

3. Strikethrough for Impact:

4. Organise with Bulleted and Numbered Lists:

  • Break down complex information

  • Create a sense of structure in your updates

  • Help readers easily digest your content and follow along.

Happy formatting!



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