Re-Sharing News Items

What is it? 

This new feature allows you to duplicate and share a news item posted by others to a new audience in your network. This can be done from the main feed or from the news item itself. When doing so, you can make changes to the content and the formatting of the original post, or you are free to keep it the same. You don’t need to worry! The duplicated item will maintain all attachments, images, and videos of the original news post. 

We designed this feature so that users could more easily decide to highlight the importance of certain news items and add relevant information to an already existing post. Plus, this feature is very useful in case a news item only you can see, seems to be worth re-sharing with your respective department or site.


How does it work? 

You are a manager and the head office shared a news item with you that you would also like your employees to take a look at, or is there a pressing news item you want to highlight again? We now offer a solution to this: the process is straightforward and easy to complete so that you can share your news item in no time!


Re-sharing a news item

If you have permission to post news items, from now on you can re-share any news items to your own department or group timeline by simply clicking on the top right three dots and selecting the voice ‘Duplicate news item’. After a short processing time, you will receive a notification informing you that your news item has been duplicated. Now, you will be able to edit the content and access features of this new post then re-share it within your network.


Editing the duplicated news item 

You are free to re-share the news item as is, or you can decide to edit anything from the content to the formatting, namely the way things are organized on the page and the images presented. 

After clicking on ‘Duplicate news item’ and waiting for the processing time, you will be able to allow comments and reactions, to add the acknowledgment option, and to edit the text and description. 



Keep in mind that if you complete this operation from your mobile phone, the formatting, so the presence of images and their position, the organization of paragraphs and the bolding of the text will disappear. Thus, we advise you, if you not only want to duplicate the news item but also change its formatting, to do so on a computer webpage. 



  • Why is my cover image different from the original post? 

During the processing time, you will see a temporary image as the cover of the news header, don’t worry! As soon as the duplicate news is processed, the original image, as in the same one from the original news post, will automatically come back. 


  • How long is the processing time?

The average processing time should be around 10 seconds, it may vary depending on the number of images or other types of attachment present within the original news item. 


  • Where do I find my re-shared news item?

Once you share the duplicated news items, it will reappear on your timeline or in the news section, and it will now only be visible to the new audience you have assigned it to. Furthermore, you will always be able to easily have access to the duplicated news item in the news menu page, as it will also appear there as a newly created news post. 


  • How do I know if a news item was re-shared from someone else? 

A duplicated news item will be characterized by the indication of the original author and a blue banner above the text that will explain the news has been re-shared. We do this for the sake of clarity, and to avoid any plagiarism issues.


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