Locking a post

Locking a post

Do you want to stop interactions with a post but keep its reactions and comments as they are? The Lock feature allows you to do exactly that. As an admin, or post author you will be able to effectively ‘freeze’ a post of any type (updates, news items and polls) not allowing any more comments or reactions but still showing the previous interactions. 

This feature could be useful in a situation where all information you wanted to obtain by post readers is already there and no further interaction is necessary. By locking the post you will then be able to maintain such information or reactions of acknowledgement shared under the post, but avoid more noise or further discussion.


How does it work? 

By clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of a post, you are able to select the Lock option. Once you click on it, the post will be locked, thus making no further comments and reactions possible. This will also be highlighted by an on screen pop up, in the top right corner for web and at the bottom if you are on a mobile device, stating the post has been locked.

To disable this option, you can just repeat the process and select the Unlock voice in the dropdown menu. 


Who is allowed to lock a post?

Only the post author and network admins are allowed to exercise this feature on posts. This means that the people that interacted with it, either by reacting or commenting, cannot lock the post. 



  • How is this feature different from disabling or enabling reactions?

This option won’t permit any user to interact with the update from now on. However, all comments and likes will stay visible to the users. On the other hand, disabling comments and reactions on a post also obscures previous comments and reactions. Read this post if you want to know more about the latter mentioned feature.


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