Quizzes in Journeys

Quizzes in Journeys

If you are familiar with Speakap’s Journeys tool, you will be glad to know we have improved its functionality by adding the possibility of introducing quiz questions in the Journey flow.  With the ability to test participant’s knowledge, this feature turns Journeys into a fully comprehensive learning and training experience tool.

Not familiar with Journeys? Check out our dedicated FAQs page where you can learn all about this tool!

What is the update? 

The new feature consists of an additional step you can add into your Journey, where you will be able to formulate questions to your audience. Whether you want to test the knowledge you’re dispensing in the Journey itself, or just create a Journey to evaluate employees, Quizzes will come to your aid.

How does it work? 

Journey participants will simply click onto the next step and be presented with the question. Once they pick their answer and submit it, they will immediately know if they were correct or not, and in the latter case they will also see the correct answer highlighted.

Adding a question to your journey is as easy as ever as the button to do so is right in the main creation screen ‘Add Question’.  You can then input your question and as many possible answers as you desire. Then you simply need to check the correct question with a checkmark on the left side of the interface and just redirect yourself to the journey creation main page, your question and its answers will be automatically saved.


  • What’s my score?

At the end of the Journey, participants will get their Quiz score together with an overview of how they performed in each question, and in case they made mistakes what the correct answers are.

Admins will see this information for all participants who have completed the Journey. To find it, head to the analytics popup of each Journey and navigate to the tab ‘Completed’.

  • Can the data be downloaded?

Journey creators will be able to not only see the scores of each participant, but also download further data (results, date and time of completion) as CSV files.

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