How do I create a group?

What is a group?

Groups can be focused on one specific subject, project, department or team. Groups make users work together and to keep in touch with the right people within the organisation.

Creating a new group

  1. Log in on the network or on via
  2. Click on the gearwheel in the upper right corner and click on 'Manage groups...'        Screenshot_2020-03-11_at_14.42.33.png
  3. Click on Screen_Shot_2017-09-21_at_15.55.58.jpg to make a new group
  4. Fill in the group's name, give a description of the group and decide the location in the networkmceclip0.png
  5. Decide whether the group is Public, Restricted, Private or Secret
  6. Optional: Upload a profile picture. Note: Upload an image of at least 260 X 260 pixels
  7. Click on create. The group is now officially in your network.
  8. Check how many users are a member of your group on the tab 'Members', see pending invites in the 'Invitations' tab, and see membership requests in the 'Requests' tab. In all the tabs it is possible to invite (external) users.
  9. In the tab 'Widgets' you can change the order of the widgets and you can also delete them. Check out 'Configuring your widgets' to learn more about widgets.
  10. In the tab 'Preferences' you can choose if members are allowed to post in the group.

Note: If you decide to delete a group, be aware that the whole group including updates and files will be deleted. This is irreversible


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